Residential and Commercial Grade Elevators

We install, maintain, and repair residential home elevators, as well as Limited Use/Limited Application (LU/LA) elevators for commercial projects and applications. Our selection of limited capacity elevator lifts will meet and exceed your accessibility needs. Residential and Commercial wheelchair elevator lifts are great for moving heavy objects and injured or disabled people between different levels of a building. They are a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for businesses and community buildings that desire ADA compliance while fully and conveniently accommodating wheelchair-bound individuals. Our commercial and residential elevator lifts are safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. They are sure to fit nicely into your building without compromising your appearance. Please contact us for additional information.

residential wheelchair elevator

Residential Elevators

Our inventory of residential home elevators will grant you almost instant access to all levels of your home. These elevators are convenient, safe, and quiet. Additionally, home elevator lifts can be customized so you don’t have to sacrifice your house’s aesthetic or interior appearance. We provide installation, maintenance, and repair service on all of our home elevators making Accessibility Solutions your one-stop for elevators.

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commercial stairs elevator

Commercial Elevators

Our mobility technicians have extensive experience working with handicap elevator lifts, so your business or commercial building is in good hands. We have an inventory of Limited Use/Limited Application (LULA) commercial elevators. These limited capacity lifts work well in low-rise buildings up to 3 stories, are safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. LULA elevators are hybrids between commercial elevators and wheelchair lifts, making them the perfect option for a small business or community center. Increase accessibility to your business while complying with the ADA today with a commercial elevator.

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