ADA Compliant Lifts for Schools and Churches

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We install lifts for public buildings such as schools and churches. Disabled and injured people need access to your building too. A lift is important because it allows all people to access your public space. Additionally, your public building must follow the ADA rules and other laws. Our goal is to improve access to your church or school.

Our products include stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, LU/LA elevators, and dumbwaiters. We are a certified dealer for many leading brands. Finally, our contractors are experienced and have completed many successful installations. If you want ADA compliance and access to your church and school, contact us.

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Stairlifts for Community Buildings

Stair lifts for Schools and Churches

Stairs are unsafe for the disabled or injured. A stair lift solves this problem and improves access to your building. School and church stairlifts are a practical, affordable, and safe option. Stair chair lifts are good for small buildings and limited budgets too. We also have rental lifts available for temporary use.

We install stair chairs from brands including Bruno, Harmar, and Savaria lifts. Our team has installed many stair lifts over the years. They work closely with you to make sure the stairlift works properly. Finally, if there’s a problem they will come and fix it.

Stair Lift Options:

  • Straight Stair Lifts
  • Curved Stair Lifts
  • Outdoor Stair Lifts
  • Rental Stair Lifts

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home vertical platform lift

Wheelchair Lifts for Churches and Schools

Schools and churches must be accessible to those who use a wheelchair. We install and service different vertical platform lifts for your school or church. Our inventory includes Bruno, Harmar, and Savaria wheelchair lifts. These wheelchair lifts are safe, reliable, and ADA compliant. A platform lift is a good way to move wheelchairs between different building levels. They also provide access to stages, altars, and low platforms.

Vertical platform lifts are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Our outdoor wheelchair lifts are rugged and able to withstand Upstate New York weather. They come with many features and options. You can install an open or enclosed wheelchair lift in your school or church. Additionally, platform lifts have height ranges from 60 inches to 14 feet. If wheelchair accessibility is a challenge for your building, then a vertical lift is perfect for you.

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LULA Elevator for Business

Limited Use/Application (LULA) Elevators for Community Buildings

What is a LU/LA Elevator? LU/LA stands for limited use/limited application. LU/LA elevators are light-weight enclosed lifts. Elevators work well in larger buildings such as churches and schools. They are a safe and reliable way to move people between building levels. An elevator efficiently moves the injured or disabled. Due to their size and capacity, elevators are good for moving wheelchairs too.

Our LU/LA elevators work in buildings up to 3 stories high. They feature many custom design options too. These community elevator lifts are ADA compliant and provide additional value to your school or church. You’ll never worry again because you have an elevator from Accessibility Solutions.

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Dumbwaiters are lifts that move heavy objects. They are great because they reduce the risk of injury when moving heavy items. A dumbwaiter can lift up to 200 lbs. Dumbwaiters are good for hospitals, schools, and churches.

We install dumbwaiter lifts that meet your needs. Our team always works with you so your project is successful. If you want to avoid injuries at school or church due to heavy lifting, a dumbwaiter is for you.

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