ADA Compliant Lifts for Community Buildings

Solutions for schools, churches, community centers, and more!

Accessibility Solutions cares about your community and its members, and is driven to provide safe access to and from community buildings. There are too many times when a person with a physical handicap tries to enter a public building and has trouble accessing the building, or cannot enter at all.  At Accessibility Solutions we provide ADA compliant community lifts to eliminate these everyday struggles from your community members. Our community stair lifts, vertical wheelchair lifts, and elevators are a perfect solution for your community building. Our expert community lift technicians provide installation, maintenance, and repair services on all of our lift products.

Stairlifts for Community Buildings

Stair Lifts

Make your community building more inviting with a community stair lift from Accessibility Solutions! Our community stair lift options are a practical way to help your community members get from one level to the next inside your community center. We are able to install curved or straight lifts for your building, creating access to virtually all of your building!

Stairs can cause distress for handicapped individuals and can even cause accidents or falls. Accessibility Solutions community stair lifts are a safe, and affordable option to help prevent these accidents from happening.

What we offer:

  •         Straight Stair Lifts
  •         Curved Stair Lifts
  •         Outdoor Stair Lifts
  •         Stair Lift Rentals

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home vertical platform lift

Wheelchair Lifts

A wheelchair should not prevent you or your community members from accessing your church, school, or other building in your town. At Accessibility Solutions we service a variety of community vertical platform lifts for your building. We can install our community lifts indoors and outdoors, built to withstand the Upstate New York weather. All our commercial wheelchair lifts meet all ADA requirements giving you and your patrons a safe and reliable purchase. Our name brand vertical platform lifts include Bruno, Harmar, and Savaria. Community lift options include enclosed and unenclosed lifts, ranging from heights 60 inches up to 14 feet!

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Satisfied customer with new wheelchair lift elevator


Our limited use/limited application (LULA) elevators are the perfect option for your church, temple, office, or other community building. LULA elevators are hybrids between commercial elevators and wheelchair lifts, designed to provide accessibility for handicapped individuals. Our LULA elevators are suitable for community buildings up to 3 stories high and feature many customizable options. All of our LULA elevators are ADA compliant and designed specifically to your needs.

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Dumbwaiter lifts are a perfect solution to help eliminate injuries and accidents in your building. Able to lift weights of up to 200 pounds, a dumbwaiter is a great way to get heavy loads from one level to the next. These community lifts are excellent for hospitals, restaurants, churches, office buildings and other public buildings.

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