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Residential Lift Options

Do stairs seem like a challenge for you because you have difficulty moving around? A lift is the solution you need. We sell, install, and maintain different residential lifts for your home, including stairlifts, elevators, wheelchair lifts, and dumbwaiters. A lift is a cost effective alternative to remodeling your home or moving. The performance and reliability of our lift products allow full access to anywhere in your home. We understand our customers need safety and reliability with their new lift. Accessibility Solutions takes pride in our quality residential lifts and has successfully completed countless installations across New York State. That is why we are the top-rated lift dealer in Upstate New York for two decades. If you want safe and convenient yet affordable in-home access, a residential lift is perfect for you!

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bruno stair lift for straight stairs

Stairway Lifts

Nobody should suffer because they can’t use the stairs. That’s why we sell and install home stairlifts. Stairway lifts go by many names including, stair lifts, stair chair lifts, or chair lifts for stairs. Residential lifts are perfect for someone who wants to stay in their home without having to worry about their stairs. Stairlifts are a cost-effective option to give individuals back their independence. Our team quickly performs installations that do not need any home renovations giving you access to your home in no time! Stair lifts are used in many settings, including outside from a porch or deck, to curved stairways. If you have any questions about stair lifts, take a look at our quick guide to help give you a better understanding of what to look for! Because our lifts can be used in so many settings, they also come with many features and options such as;

  •         Reinforced arm and footrests
  •         Swivel seats for easy entrance and exiting
  •         Safety belts
  •         Continuous charge feature

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Handicap elevator for home and businesses

Residential Elevators

We sell and install limited capacity elevators for the home. An elevator is the best option for in home mobility giving you full access to all levels of your home. Our elevators are safe, quiet, and reliable. Residential elevators, such as our gearless models, don’t require a big renovation. As a result, an elevator can easily be added to your current home. If you are building a new home, an elevator can be added to your floorplan too. An in-home elevator is the best end-to-end home access solution. Our residential elevators come with many custom finish options, so you can ride in style. If you want the best home access, an elevator is for you.

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Access wheelchair lift for residential and commercial use

Wheelchair Lifts for the Home

Do you use a wheelchair and have trouble accessing your home? A wheelchair lift, also called a vertical platform lift, is what you need. These lifts are best for decks, porches, and small stairways because of their design, and come in enclosed and unenclosed options. Wheelchair lifts are also a good alternative to large and costly ramps. There are many options to choose from including lifts for indoor and outdoor use. All of our wheelchair lifts come standard with 120-volt power and user-friendly technology. Additional features, such as backup battery power and remote controls, are available too. If you want a safe, reliable way to access your home in a wheelchair, our home vertical platform lifts are the perfect solution for you.

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residential dumbwaiters for your home

Residential Dumbwaiters

If you or a loved one has issues with carrying bulky items from one level to the next in your home, a dumbwaiter residential  lift is your solution! A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator that is used to carry small goods such as groceries, laundry, and other small items from one floor to the next. Dumbwaiter lifts eliminate potential home injuries, making them the perfect option for the elderly, injured, or physically disabled.

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