Curved Stair Lift Options

At Accessibility Solutions we have the ability to build custom projects based on the customers needs and situation. If you have a long staircase with turns and landings, a curved stair lift is a perfect solution for you! Our curved stair lifts can be easily added to a home or business, guaranteeing easy access from one level to another when your stair lift system is installed.

We install curved stairway lifts in residential settings creating peace of mind for you and your family. If you or someone you know has issues moving up and down the levels of their home, consider looking into one of our stairway lifts. Handicap stair lift systems can help bring independence back to you or your loved ones, without alternative actions such as home renovation or moving residences.

We also have the ability to install access stair lifts for commercial settings. Whether you are a school, business, or house of worship, Accessibility Solutions can install and service a curved stair lift for your building! Adhering to ADA compliance, our stair lifts will create easy access for anyone who comes in your businesses door!

We service, install, and repair all of our curved stair lifts, giving you peace of mind knowing you can depend on your lift system for many years to come!