Residential Wheelchair Lift Options

Our installed wheelchair vertical platform lifts are rugged, reliable and guaranteed to provide you with access to your home. Residential wheelchair lifts address common obstacles such as decks, porches, and stairways in your house. Designed and built for years of trouble-free use, a vertical platform lift offers safe, dependable service that reflects the unit’s simplicity of design and operation.

Anyone who uses a wheelchair knows the challenge of getting up and down stairs inside and outside of the home. A residential vertical wheelchair lift will restore full access to your home. We work with each customer individually to find the right solution for your home, and offer a variety of brands and options so you don’t get stuck with a generic “one-size-fits-all” solution.

We have been restoring accessibility to homes longer than anyone else in Upstate New York so you can rest assured that your residential home wheelchair lift will be installed correctly to local regulations and will remain reliable and SAFE.

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Bruno Residential Stairlifts VPL-3100; VPL-3200

Sometimes called a porch lift, a Bruno vertical platform lift gives people in scooters and wheelchairs the ability to easily enter/exit their home. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, residential vertical platform lifts also provide access up to 14 feet for decks and basements.

  • Automatic self-lowering folding ramp
  • Quiet, smooth ride
  • Weather-resistant finish and controls
  • Emergency stop switch on platform
  • Safety sensors in platform bottom stop unit if obstruction sensed
  • Affordable AC power in 4- and 6-ft units
  • Reliable DC battery power, available in all heights and standard above 10-ft, ensures operation in power outage

Bruno Wheelchair Lift Brochure

Hamar Residential Platform Lift RPL

Harmar’s Residential Vertical Platform Lift (RPL) is a safe, smooth and economical solution to the barriers porches, staircases, decks and other elevation changes can create in and around a home. Designed from the ground up to be as cost-efficient as possible, Harmar’s home wheelchair lift is priced to be competitive with shorter units but built to accommodate most residential applications with ease. Available in heights from 4 to 6 feet and for use indoors and out.

  • Automatic, folding access ramp
  • Available in AC and DC models
  • Solid platform with non-skid surface for added safety
  • Solid 36” high guard panels
  • Weather-resistant design for indoor and outdoor use
  • Constant pressure, paddle switch controls with emergency stop button
  • Sensitive safety pan on bottom of platform stops the lift if it meets an obstruction

Harmar Wheelchair Lift Brochure

Savaria Multilift Residential Wheelchair Lift

The Multilift is a residential wheelchair lift designed for low-rise travel indoors or out. With its durable design, the Multilift is popular for accessing decks and porches even in demanding climates.

At the heart of the Multilift is the reliable operation of the ACME screw drive which delivers precision movement and performance you can count on day after day. Handling up to 750 lbs, this residential lift can carry a passenger in a wheelchair with ease. An array of safety features ensures safe operation including sensors to stop the lift if it senses an obstruction.

There are several models of the Multilift available including a mobile version, an enclosed unit and one clad in stainless steel. This lift is available for commercial applications in the U.S. and home use anywhere. The Multilift is an easy way to add access for low-rise travel.

  • Ruggedly constructed: Ideal for outdoor or indoor use and withstands weather extremes.

  • Reliable operation: From the ACME screw drive with its precision movement and strength for day-to-day use.
  • Easy to install: The self-enclosed drive tower makes the unit fast and easy to install.
  • Other standard features: Continuous pressure operation, keyed access on car, non-skid zinc-coated platform in three standard sizes, automatic access ramp.
  • Standard finishes: Beige powder-coat paint.
  • Safety features: Emergency stop button on car, underpan obstruction sensors, non-skid platform, manual lowering crank, 42 1/8″ (1070 mm) side panels, keyed cab buttons and keyed call stations, automatic access ramps, slack cable switch.
  • Warranty: 36 months parts. Please see complete details

Savaria Wheelchair Lift Brochure