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If you are a wheelchair user, we have the perfect solution for easier mobility and safe access. A home wheelchair lift will allow you to safely enter and exit your home, or move between levels in your house. This lift, also known as a vertical platform lift (VPL), has a non-skid platform that lifts a wheelchair or mobility scooter from one level to another. Since a residential wheelchair lift safely moves a person between short distances, it is a great avenue for navigating small stairways, porches, or decks. This dependable electric unit is quiet, easy to use, and can rise up to 14 ft with a lifting capacity of 750 lbs. A wheelchair lift is technically an open elevator for the home.

We sell and install top-notch wheelchair lifts from leading lift companies, including Savaria, Harmar, and Bruno.

The following is a list of the specific wheelchair lifts that we carry:

  • Savaria Multilift –  designed for low-rise indoor or outdoor use. There are several models to choose from, including a mobile unit, an enclosed unit, and a stainless steel-clad unit. This lift comes with standard safety features, key access, and automatic access ramps. The Multilift has a 36-month parts warranty. Keeping in mind Upstate New York’s four distinct seasons, the Savaria Multilift is constructed to withstand weather extremes.
  • Harmar RPL – The Harmar RPL is one of Harmar’s top-rated wheelchair lifts. Harmar prides itself on selling lifts designed for affordability and reliability. The RPL is priced fairly against shorter units and has a standard lifting height between 4 to 6 feet. This wheelchair lift is available as both an indoor and outdoor model.
  • Bruno VPL 3100 and VPL 3200 – Accessibility Solutions, Inc. is an authorized Bruno dealer. A Bruno lift gives wheelchair users easy access to their homes. This lift has a smooth, quiet ride, a 14-foot lifting height, and many safety features. The Bruno VPLs are a great residential accessibility solution Features include an automatic folding ramp, weatherproofing, and DC battery power if an outage should occur.

 Why a Wheelchair Lift is better than a ramp – A wheelchair lift requires considerably less space than a ramp. For example, a 36″ high porch would need 36 feet of ramp. Also, it is important to keep in mind that a ramp may require several months of extra maintenance to keep it free from dangerous ice or snow buildup.

Effortless mobility + Safe navigation despite obstacles + Comfort and Safety all great reasons to contact us today about installing a home wheelchair lift for yourself or a loved one.