A Guide to Stairlift Costs

A Stairlift Offers Access to Your Entire Home

Looking to safely and reliably move around the stairs in your Syracuse home? Our high-quality stairlifts offer the perfect solution. Whether you’re dealing with mobility issues due to age, disability, or injury, our carefully designed stairlifts give you the independence you need to move comfortably within your house. Take a look at our range of excellent and affordable stairlifts, and feel confident that you’re making a worthwhile investment. Explore our stairlift collection today to discover the benefits of having a secure and dependable way to navigate the stairs in your home.

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What Does a Stairlift Cost?

If you are considering a stair lift for your home, one of the first questions you probably have is “how much does a stairlift cost?” Like many things, the answer to that question depends on your home and your needs. The first thing to consider is where you would like to install a stairlift. Stairlifts can be installed indoors or outdoors, so if you just need help going up and down stairs inside your home an indoor stairlift would be your choice.

The second consideration is the type of stairs you have in your home. There are basically three types of stairways that determine the cost of a stairlift.

  1. Straight Stairways – a straight run of stairs with no landings or turns.
  2. Curved Stairways – a curved staircase
  3. Stairways with Landings – a staircase that has landings or turns.

A straight stairlift is designed to go in a simple straight line and does not need to change direction to go around a corner or follow a curved staircase. Economy model straight stair lifts start from around $2,600 installed and with a 1-year warranty.

A Curved Stair Lift is custom-built to your staircase and can change direction to follow a curved staircase, go around corners, or change direction on landings. Curved stair lifts have a custom-made rail that follows the exact contour of your stairs. Because these are custom made for your specific staircase they are more expensive than a straight stairlift.

The average price for a stair lift is between $3,000 – $6,000. All of our new stairlifts include installation and 1-year warranty. There are a variety of models, options, and features that you can consider for additional costs, similar to buying a new vehicle. Keep in mind that stairlifts are tax-exempt. Installation of a stairlift is quick and requires no modifications to your home.

Reconditioned Stairlifts we often have reconditioned straight stairlifts that you can consider depending on availability. These usually start at around $2,000 installed.

Stair lift Rentals another cost-effective option is to rent a stair lift. Our stair lift rentals are available for short-term or long-term agreements, and allow you to avoid paying for the whole unit upfront, offering affordable monthly payments.
Here is a breakdown of the our rental costs:

  • The initial cost starts at $880, covering down payment, installation, and 1st month’s rent.
  • $80 rental cost for months 1 – 3
  • $70 rental cost for months 4 – 6
  • The monthly rate for the remainder of the lease is $60

Learn More About Stairlifts

Illustration of a straight stairlift
How a stair lift works with stairs that have a landing

Making the right choice for a stairlift in your home doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and you don’t have to go through it alone. At Accessibility Solutions, we fully grasp the obstacles you encounter when it comes to mobility, and we’re here to provide assistance. When it’s time to pick a stairlift, there are key factors to think about: the dimensions and configuration of your staircase, your individual requirements, and your budget. Our team of well-informed and compassionate experts will collaborate with you to comprehend your distinct circumstances and steer you towards the stairlift that precisely suits your needs.

Our selection includes a diverse array of top-notch, reasonably priced stairlifts that are engineered for endurance and seamlessly complement your home’s aesthetics. With our guidance, you can confidently make your decision and enjoy the tranquility that stems from knowing you’ve made the right selection. Reach out to us today to explore our stairlift offerings and discover how we can aid you in reclaiming your independence and unrestricted mobility.

Stairlifts are affordable and quick to install.

We sell, install and service customized stairlifts (sometimes known as stairchairs) for both indoor and outdoor use. The cost of a new stairlift including installation starts at $2600 for a standard straight staircase installation. A curved staircase or custom stairlift installation will be estimated based on the complexity of the project. For the budget-minded, we also sell reconditioned stairlifts starting at $2000 including installation. An important thing to know is that stairlifts are tax-exempt. Installation of a stairlift is quick and requires no modifications to your home. Our expert technicians use a special survey device to calculate exact specifications and fit.


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