Elegant Savaria Zenith Elevator in a Home

Our Elevators Provide Style, Safety, and Convenience.

If you are thinking about having a lift installed in your home or business, then an elevator is the most versatile and elegant solution available. Elevators offer almost unlimited flexibility and options. They easily move wheelchairs, mobility scooters, heavy objects, and multiple people between floors. They also are available in many configurations and designs, thereby adding a level of sophistication and visual interest to any space.

We are the Upstate New York’s elevator experts and have installed hundreds of residential and commercial elevators all over New York State. We guarantee that you will get the quality product that you need. If you need an elevator for your home or office building, come to the company with a top reputation that will be here the next time you need service or repair done right the first time.

Residential elevator

Home Elevators

Safe, Sleek. and Stylish

If you want the best, a home elevator should be your choice. We install residential elevators for homeowners who want convenience, peace of mind, and style. Whether you need to move bulky items between floors or you are unable to use the stairs, an elevator can get you there.

Residental elevators come in many configurations and styles, with custom options available. Home elevators easily fit into your existing floor plan because they can be installed in small areas such as closets.

Home elevators can travel up to three floors. They can lift between 500 and 800 lbs, depending on the model. In addition, the simplified operation of a  Home Elevator eliminates the need for a machine room. This will save you space, maintenance, and money.

Commercial Elevators

Commercial Elevators

Simply the Best for Your Building

A LU/LA elevator is a perfect solution for your building. An elevator can easily accommodate your guests and provide accessibility to your building. These are perfect lifts for smaller, mid-rise buildings. Since these are limited capacity elevators, they are a realistic solution for projects with smaller budgets.

Commercial elevators come in a variety of configurations to meet all of your building’s needs. Churches, museums, and government buildings make use of these helpful lifts. These elevators are licensed for use in New York State and meet all ADA compliance requirements.