Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Commercial Vertical Platform Lift

Provide Full Accessibility to Any Public Space

When you need to accommodate wheelchair users in your building but don’t have the space or budget for a full-size elevator, then a Wheelchair Lift is a smart solution. We sell, install, and service these heavy-duty Vertical Platform Lifts for businesses, schools, churches, or any public space that should be accessible by people in wheelchairs. A wheelchair lift allows wheelchair users to navigate ordinary obstacles such as stages, small stairways, porches, or platforms and is a much more practical and easy-to-use option than a wheelchair ramp.

Savaria Residential multilift wheelchair lift

Savaria Multilift

The Multilift is designed for low-rise travel. Savaria’s lift is popular for decks and porches, even in harsh climates. The Multilift is powered by an ACME screw drive. It delivers precision movement that you can count on. This lift has a capacity of 750 lbs.  An array of safety features ensures safe operation, including sensors to stop the lift if there is an obstruction.

Several models of the Multilift are available, including a mobile version and an enclosed unit. This lift is available for commercial applications and home use. The Multilift is an easy way to add access for low-rise travel.

  • Ideal for indoor use or outdoors in moderate weather
  • Easy Installation
  • Continuous pressure operation
  • Keyed access on car
  • Non-skid platform in three standard sizes
  • Automatic access ramp.
  •  Beige powder-coat paint standard finish
  • Emergency stop button on car
  • Obstruction sensors,
  • Keyed cab buttons and call stations
  • Automatic access ramps
  • 36-month Parts Warranty (check details)
      Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

      Savaria V-1504

      The Savaria V-1504 lift is built for one or more levels. It is suitable for both public buildings and private homes. This Savaria lift features a versatile design that can be customized to any project requirements and aesthetic needs. From the rugged outdoors to the most luxurious office tower lobbies, the Savaria V-1504 lift is ready to serve with its reliable performance, ease of use, and range of finish options.

      The Savaria V-1504 operates on a hydraulic lift system. The lift travels up and down a rail system that is separate from the lift tower. No machine room is needed.

      • Highly customizable: can be built to suit virtually any home or commercial project.
      •  Smooth start, stop, and overall ride
      • Enclosed drive system means no machine room is required
      •  36″ x 54″ standard nonskid platform
      • Handrail.
      • Beige powder-coat paint standard finish
      • Emergency stop button on car
      • Keyed car buttons and call stations
      • Safety brake and door locks.
      • 36 months Parts Warranty (check details)
      Savaria Commercial Prolift Vertical Platform Lift

      Savaria Prolift

      The Prolift is a great, affordable commercial wheelchair lift. It is smooth, quiet, and safe. This lift can be installed in an existing or new structure. It’s very durable and comes with many features.

      Savaria offers two versions, a Standard (SCL) and Heavy Duty (HD) that feature a higher capacity (up to 1400 lb). It can be configured to travel up to 14′  with up to 4 stops. The Prolift is a reliable and quiet system suitable for use in churches, schools, and other buildings. The Prolift can be sized with an interior cab of up to 36″W x 60″L (SCL) or 48″W x 60″L (HD).

      • Durable construction makes it well-suited for use in public buildings
      • Offers a solid no-frills design with a good complement of features to provide accessibility.
      • Constant pressure operation and variable speed valve for a smooth ride,
      • Quiet operation
      • Automatic on/off cab lighting
      • Standard finishes
      • Emergency alarm and stop buttons
      • Emergency battery back-up for cab lighting, alarm, and lowering
      • 36 months Parts Warranty (check details)