LU/LA Commercial Elevators

Savaria Orion Commercial LU/LA elevator In a Business

Designed For Smaller Buildings With Up to 4 Stops

Are you are looking for an affordable way to provide access to a small multi-level building and meet ADA requirements? Then a Limited Use/Limited Application Elevator also known as a LU/LA Elevator, is the perfect solution. These commercial and business elevators are designed for smaller buildings without heavy traffic or loads but work and feel like the larger elevators found in tall buildings. LU/LA elevators are very similar to a standard elevator, only requiring less space and less maintenance, and can carry up to 1400 pounds.  Their hoist ways can be constructed with wood or other standard materials which makes A LULA a versatile and economical lift for any building. Generally found in commercial buildings.  Our elevators also come in a variety of styles and finishes, customizable to match any building and décor.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant

Because the LU/LA business elevator is ADA compliant, you can be sure that your building will be accessible to all people with physical limitations and disabilities.  Our senior management came from the commercial elevator industry and Accessibility Solutions is highly regarded for safety, reliability, and professional installation and service of all elevator and lift products.

If you need help in specifying or selecting the correct elevator for your building, our team will work with you to design the proper solution. From the amount of people traffic at your location to appropriate local codes, we will provide the best options based on the cost and your building’s requirements.

LU/LA elevators can also be installed in homes needing a larger elevator.

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Benefits of an LU/LA Elevator:

  • Requires less space than a standard elevator
  • Cheaper to install than a regular commercial unit
  • Satisfies ADA requirements for access to commercial buildings
  • Travels faster than a wheelchair lift or vertical platform lift
  • Less maintenance required
  • Looks, functions, and rides like a traditional elevator
  • Customizable options, finishes, and styles


  • Travels up to 25 feet.
  • Accommodates up to 4 stops.
  • Carries up to 1400 lbs.

Savaria Commercial Elevators

Orion LU/LA Elevator

High-rise style, built for low-rise applications: Affordable elevator for low-rise buildings with 1400 lb capacity and automatic door option.
Aesthetically appealing: Attractive call station, control panel, and digital floor indicators.
High-efficiency hydraulic drive system: Smooth ride, start, and stop.
Variable speed pressure valve: Gradual acceleration and deceleration of cab.
Automatic doors: Fire-rated two-speed steel cab doors in black or architectural white, with infrared closing sensors; automatic landing doors are finished with primer.
Other standard features: Fully automatic operation, automatic cab on/off interior lighting, digital display in-car operating panel, architectural white ceiling with 4 pot lights, steel interior in choice of architectural white or black.
Standard finishes: Standard architectural white steel, stainless steel car operating panel, handrail, and silver color trimmed light fixtures.
Safety features: Emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting, emergency stop, and alarm buttons, emergency manual lowering, safety brakes, overspeed valve.
Warranty: 36 months parts (check details)

Orion MRL LU/LA Elevator

  • Ultra-quiet automatic elevator; geared traction counterweight design for higher daily usage
  • Optional door buck controller for true machine roomless design; capacity 1400 lb
  • High-rise look and feel: automatic sliding doors and commercial-style cab designs
  • Minimizes construction costs: overhead and pit requirements are much lower than traditional commercial elevators
  • Cost-effective accessibility: meets limited use/limited application (LU/LA) elevator code
  • Ideal for low-rise buildings up to 3 stories such as schools, places of worship and professional buildings
  • Configure for same-side, straight-through or 90º entry and exit