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Commercial Stair Lift curved installation in office

Commercial Stair Lifts

Why Commercial Stair lifts Are a Smart Choice

Accessibility Solutions is the leader in business and Commercial Stair Lift solutions in Upstate New York. We work with you to meet the requirements of your specific building or application, indoors or out. Because we work with only the leading national stair lift brands, you can be sure that the units you have installed will meet ADA compliance regulations and local building codes.  Speak with one of our commercial lift experts to get your project started.

You want to make your building as accessible as possible for everyone to use and a commercial stair lift is a safe, comfortable and affordable way to remove the obstacle of stairs for people with disabilities or walking handicaps.

Make it easy for people to get up and down your stairs.

Whether you require an indoor or outdoor solution, a standard Commercial Stair Lift can be installed on your existing staircase without modification to your building. If you need a custom solution that’s no problem either. We have fabricated and installed many custom solutions for unique requirements and applications, all you need to do is ask.

An overview of Stair Lifts.

Stair lifts are simple staircase elevators that attach to a rail installed on your stairs. An electric motor powers the stair chair and the rider operates the unit with controls on the arm of the stair chair. The stair chair folds out of the way when not in use leaving your staircase open for normal foot traffic. Many safety features make operating the stairlift safe and easy to use. If the rider is at the bottom of the stairs and the stair chair is at the top, a call feature will send the stair lift down to the user, this works in either direction.

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Commercial Duty Stair Lift Options

Our selection of Commercial Stair Lifts are designed for consistent heavy use. These stairway lifts are perfect in commercial buildings because of their large weight capacity. A heavy duty stair chair can lift up to 600 lbs, depending on the model. These lifts come with standard safety features and custom design options. In addition, hardware and equipment are both reinforced. This adds extra stability when people are using the stairway lift. Heavy duty units are also very rugged and reliable.

If you think a heavy duty stairway lift is a good option for your business, church, school or public space then contact us to speak with one of our commercial lift experts for specifications, timing and costs. A site visit is often required to get detailed specifications and see where the units will be installed.

Here are some reasons a Commercial Stair lift from Accessibility Solutions is a smart choice:

  • Installation is quick
  • They are easy to use
  • A safe, reliable and economical lift solution.
  • Our commercial-grade stair lifts accommodate heavier weight loads
  • Standard stair lifts of straight stairs require no modification to your building
  • Custom installations can accommodate unique architectural or design requirements
  • Available with a variety of options and colors
  • Our stair lifts fold out of the way to avoid blocking the staircase

You may also want to consider an Elevator or Vertical Wheelchair Lift.

Harmar SL600HD Heavy Duty Stairlift

The Harmar SL600HD is the heaviest model in the Pinnacle Series. It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. The seat is 25” wide and provides comfort and support to the rider. All the equipment and hardware is heavy-duty. Stationary armrests and reinforced footrests add stability. As a result, entering and exiting the stair chair has never been safer. The Pinnacle SL600HD is fully automatic too. It comes with an optional folding rail that eliminates obstructions at the bottom of the stairs. Built with Pinnacle’s patented Worm Drive, the lift has a smooth ride, minimal maintenance, and ease of access.

Harmar SL600 Heavy Duty Sell Sheet>

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Handicare 1000XXL

The Handicare 1000XXL is a heavy duty stair lift and is the latest addition to Handicare’s product line. Advanced safety sensors detect obstructions and put the safety of the rider first. Sensors are located on the power pack and the footplate. An accessible key switch also improves safety by preventing unauthorized use of the stair chair. The extra-wide seat is easy to clean, fireproof and comes in 6 color choices. A slim metal track maximizes use of space on your stairs too. The 1000XXL is a great mix of safety, style, and reliability.

Stair Lift Benefits, Features, and Options

Stair Chair Features
  • Weight Capacity up to 600 lbs
  • Padded seat with height adjustments
  • Armrest controller for easy operation
  • Uses minimal space on your stairs
  • Battery powered – especially useful during power outages
  • Wireless remote calls unit to your floor
  • Soft start/stop for a smooth ride
  • Obstruction sensors and seat belt for safety
Available Stair Chair Options
  • Swivel seat for an easy exit
  • Manual or powered folding end rail
  • Power folding footrest for compact profile
  • Various colors to match your decor
  • Wider seat and armrest options
  • Key Lock
  • Extended Track Options
  • Custom configurations to meet your specifications and needs
Benefits of a Stair Lift
  • Makes multi-level access available to people with walking challenges
  • Reduces risk of an accident while on stairs
  • Budget-friendly option and quick to install
  • Will help make your building ADA Compliant
  • Requires no modifications of your building
  • Easy for visitor to use and control
  • Easily removed if no longer needed
  • Rental Options are available
  • Works in almost any stairway