LU/LA Commercial Elevators (Light Use/Light Duty)

Commercial Elevator installed in an office building

Lu/la Elevators are the best all-around accessibility solution

If you are looking for an economical solution to provide easy access to a small multi-level building and meet ADA requirements, then a LULA Elevator is the perfect solution. LU/LA means limited use/limited access and is designed for smaller buildings without heavy traffic or loads, basically, it is a compact version of a commercial elevator. A LULA elevator can travel up to 25′ with 3 or 4 stops depending on the height of your building and lift up to 1400 lbs. but these units cannot exceed 30 feet per minute.

The perfect elevator for low-rise commercial buildings

So where is a LULA usually installed? In any low-rise commercial building with 3 floors. Common installations of these elevators include churches, restaurants, condominiums, small hotels, schools, offices, or any small commercial building. These elevators look, function and ride like a typical commercial elevator, they just take up less than half the space and require less maintenance. The hoistway can also be made of common building materials like wood without the need for concrete construction, making the LULA elevator economical to install.

Benefits of a LULA Elevator

  • They meet the needs for people in wheelchairs
  • They require less space than a standard elevator
  • They cost much less to install than a regular commercial unit
  • They satisfy ADA requirements for handicap access for commercial buildings
  • The travel faster than a wheelchair lift or vertical platform lift
  • Less maintenance required
  • They look, function and ride like a traditional elevator
  • There are many options, finishes and styles to choose from

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