Commercial Wheelchair Lifts / Vertical Platform Lifts

Provide full access to your building

When you need to accommodate wheelchair users in your building but don’t have the space or budget for a full-size elevator, then a Wheelchair Lift is a smart solution. We sell, install and service these heavy-duty Vertical Platform Lifts for businesses, schools, churches or any public space that should be accessible by people in wheelchairs. A wheelchair lift allows wheelchair users to navigate ordinary obstacles such as stages, small stairways, porches, or platforms and is much more practical and easy to use option than a wheelchair ramp.

What is a Vertical Platform Lift / Wheelchair Lift?

A Vertical Platform Lift or VPL is typically used for accessing platforms, stages, decks, porches and small stairways. However, some wheelchair lifts have a maximum lifting range of up to fourteen feet, so they can be used to access different stories in a building also. These lifts are easy to access and use, and are equipped with advanced safety features. A VPL will offer peace of mind knowing your building is ADA compliant, reducing concerns of liability. A Wheelchair Lift installed by Accessibility Solutions will also meet all New York State, Federal and local codes. These wheelchair lifts come in three different configurations: unenclosed, enclosed, and 3-gate, so there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your application and budget. Standard travel is usually 48″ with 2 stops although higher travel and additional stops are possible, with a weight capacity of 750 lbs.

Benefits of A a VPL

  • ADA Compliant
  • Perfect for Schools, Churches and Businesses
  • Standard travel 48″ with 2 stops – higher travel and more stops are optional
  • Lifts up to 750 lbs
  • Safe, Reliable Transport for Wheelchair Users

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