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Lifts, Elevators and Dumbwaiters for Business

Consider an ADA compliant lift or elevator from Accessibility Solutions. We sell and install heavy-duty lifts that are great for commercial buildings. A lift is a good investment because you’ll be able to accommodate clients/customers with limited mobility. We have many solutions for businesses. These include stair lifts, elevators, wheelchair lifts, and dumbwaiters. Our team will work closely to make sure you get the best lift for the best price.

Commercial lifts and elevators are great for:

  • Office Buildings
  • Stores
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Theaters

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Commercial Stair Lifts

Installing a chair lift will make using stairways less difficult. These lifts are best for small projects because they are compact and affordable. Our team will come and assess your project site. Then, we will install the lift, which won’t take long. Stair lift installations don’t require any renovations either. We have heavy-duty stairway lifts that can carry up to 600 lbs. Stair lifts can be built indoors and outdoors, as well as on different types of stairs.

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

These vertical platforms are ADA compliant and reliable. You can now easily open your business to wheelchair users. Wheelchair lifts are best for small stairways, platforms, or stages. These lifts are heavy-duty because they can carry up to 845 lbs. There are plenty of options to choose from. We have unenclosed, enclosed, and 3-gate lifts for all uses. We also sell and install outdoor wheelchair lifts.

Commercial Elevators

Elevators are the best in handicap access and ADA compliance. Your business will benefit greatly because you can welcome any customer. These limited use elevators are smaller and less expensive than full-sized elevators. They can lift people up to 3 floors in a building. Our commercial elevators are safe, smooth, quiet, and stylish. Lift up to 845 lbs with no effort.

Commercial Dumbwaiters

These heavy-duty lifts are small freight elevators. Dumbwaiters are built into your wall and open at counter level or floor level. They can haul between 200 lbs and 500 lbs. A dumbwaiter is a great lift for small hotels, restaurants, or bars because they can carry items like food, plates, and laundry. Avoid injuries and accidents while lifting heavy objects with a dumbwaiter from Accessibility Solutions.