Commercial Elevators

Accessibility Solutions is the place for ADA compliant commercial elevators. We sell and install quality elevators for businesses. You want your customers to be happy when they shop. Don’t let stairs stop them from coming to your business. An ADA compliant elevator gives shoppers full access. Your elevator will be safe, reliable, and easy to use. Our lifts are limited use/application (LULA) units. They are smaller than a standard elevator, but get the job done.

Our elevators are good for your business. They can lift up to 845 lbs at a time. That means you can move people or heavy items with ease. They cost less than a regular unit because they are smaller. All of our elevators meet New York State and Federal codes. An elevator is a safe lift that will open your business to all.

A commercial elevator that is ADA compliant has many uses. They can move wheelchair users or the injured, disabled, or elderly. It is also easy to move heavy objects between floors with an elevator. An ADA compliant elevator will help you for many years to come.

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