Residential Elevators For Your Home

Modern home elevatorGain Full Access to Your Entire Home

If you are considering having a lift installed in your home, then a residential elevator is the most versatile and elegant solution available. Elevators offer unlimited flexibility. They easily move wheelchairs, mobility scooters, heavy objects, and multiple people between the floors of your home. They also are available in many configurations and designs and can add sophistication and visual interest to your home.  We have installed hundreds of residential and commercial elevators, so quality is guaranteed.

About Residential Elevators

The great thing about today’s modern residential elevators is that they can be integrated into your current home or added to the plans if you are building a new house. For existing homes the flexibility of available configurations and styles allows installation in small spaces such as a standard closet, or it can be custom designed to blend into the layout and decor of your home.

Home elevators have the familiar look and operation of a commercial elevator and you can have multiple stops for each level of your home. Most standard elevators are made for two-story homes or “stops”, but custom configurations can allow for more stops, up to 6, to accommodate your home. The simplified mechanics of residential elevators eliminate the need for a machine room, saving space and reducing required maintenance, making them a safe, reliable and quiet option.

An elevator will also increase the value of your home, therefore making it a wise investment for your safety, convenience, and your future.

Eclipse Home Elevator

Savaria Eclipse Home Elevator

The Savaria Gearless Elevator operates quietly. This home elevator comes with dual traction and heavy gauge ropes. The rubber guide rollers make for a smooth ride. The compact design doesn’t need as much clearance and pit depth as other elevators.

  • Savaria’s best-selling  home elevator; unique modular design with machine roomless option
  • Durable geared chain drive for a reliable, stable ride
  • Services up to 6 stops over a maximum travel distance of 50′ (up to 60′ in some regions)
  • Capacity up to 950 lb; Eclipse HD version available for higher capacity (depends on local codes)
  • Openings can be configured for same-side, straight-through, or 90º entry and exit, depending on the layout of your home
  • Customized cab interior, fixtures, and doors
Infinity Home Elevator

Infinity Luxury Home Elevator

The Infinity is a stylish addition to any home. This home elevator has a smooth ride because of the hydraulic drive system. Choose up to 6 stops, automatic doors, and many finishes. The magnetic floor selection ensures that the elevator meets each level precisely. The Infinity Elevator’s standard features include fully automatic operation, automatic cab lighting with an in-car operating panel, a ceiling with four LED pot lights, and a variety of choices in the elevator’s walls.

  • Precision hydraulic drive system for a smooth ride between floors
  • Machine room required
  • Up to 6 stops over a  travel distance of 50 feet
  • Weight capacity up to 1000 lb or 1400 lb (Infinity HD model), check local codes
  • Openings can be fitted for same-side, straight-through, or 90º entry and exit, contingent on house floorplan
  • Customized interior, fixtures, and doors
Savaria Zenith Home Elevator

Savaria Zenith Home Elevator

The Zenith is Savaria’s top-of-the-line traditional residential elevator. It provides a smooth ride and quiet operation. This elevator’s design only requires a small space for installation, making it a great fit for homes without space for a machine room. Additional standard features include automatic cab on/off interior lighting, digital car panel, mounted telephone, and a ceiling with 4 LED pot lights. The Zenith’s interior cab walls are available in different colors.

  • Different cab sizes are available with a weight capacity of up to 1400 lb (check local codes)
  • Offers up to 6 stops over a  travel distance of 50′
  • Elevator openings can be configured for same-side, straight-through, or 90º entry and exit, depending on your house’s floorplan
  • Customized cab interior, fixtures and doors
    Residential Elevator

    Savaria Telecab 17 Home Elevator

    Savaria’s Telecab home elevator blends in smoothly with your home’s furnishings and design. Its contemporary design includes transparent panels. Unlike other elevators, the installation of the Telecab 17 does not require a pit or hoistway.


    • Weight capacity of up to 845 lbs.
    • OptiStandard feature of either a keyed or keyless access in the elevator and on the call station
    • The top sensor prevent the elevator from moving if it detects and pressure
    • Right or left-hand elevator door
    • Lighted cab
    • Emergency stop and alarm buttons
    • Battery lowering kicks in during a power outage
    • 36-month parts warranty (check with installer)
      Residential Elevator

      Inclinator Elevette

      The Inclinator Elevette home elevator can be installed in either an existing home or included in the plans for a new house. It offers a wide and deep elevator shaft. If our home has size constraints, an Inclinator can also be installed in a smaller space; about the dimensions of a closet., a budget-conscious option.


      • Comes in 2 gate styles – Accordion or Collapsible Aluminum
      • Versatile Elevator Cab – Includes optional hardwood wall finish
      • Commercial-grade laminate floor, finished or unfinished
      • Up to 4 LED cab lights
      • Standard white cab ceiling that can be customized with a wood grain
      • Flushed or raised operating panel