Types of Residential Elevators Available

Types of Residential Elevators

A residential elevator is the most versatile and elegant lift solution available. It offers flexibility to easily move wheelchairs, mobility scooters, heavy objects, and people between the floors of your house. Home elevators have the familiar look and operation of a commercial elevator, including multiple stops for each level of your home. Most standard elevators are made for two-story homes, but custom configurations can allow for more stops, up to 6. The simplified mechanics of residential elevators eliminate the need for a machine room, saving space and reducing required maintenance.. Elevators are available in many configurations and designs and can add elegance, visual interest, and value to your home. The following are the home elevator systems that we sell and install:

Hydraulic Elevators

Accessibility Solutions offers two hydraulic-powered home elevators.

The Savaria InfinityThis home elevator provides a smooth ride because of its hydraulic drive system and requires a machine room. The magnetic floor selection ensures that the elevator meets each level precisely. This elevator’s standard features include fully automatic operation, automatic cab lighting with an in-car operating panel, a ceiling with four LED pot lights, and a variety of choices in the elevator’s walls. The Infinity Elevator offers up to 6 stops, automatic doors, and many finishes to blend seamlessly into your home’s decor.

The Telecab Home Elevator & Telecab 17 – Savaria’s space-saving through the floor elevators do not require an elevator shaft; instead, the cab travels and “vanishes” on a guide rail that is cut through the floor. This is a two-stop elevator only. It also safely stores mechanical areas in a secure drive tower.  The Telecab comes with many safety features such as interior lighting, emergency stop/alarm buttons, battery lowering if an outage occurs,a telephone, and a non-skid platform. The Telecab elevators blend into any home decor with a modern, neutral color design.

Chain-Driven Elevator

The Gearless Elevator is Savaria’s #1 selling lift. It is more durable than a cable-driven system and requires less maintenance. It operates quietly and comes with dual traction and heavy gauge ropes. The rubber guide rollers make for a smooth ride. The compact design doesn’t need as much clearance and pit depth as other elevators. The Gearless also offers a no-machine room option, making it a more economical option. 

Cable-Driven Elevator

If you have a home with limited available space, then a cable-driven elevator might be the best option. A canle-drive elevator does not have the requirement of installing a machine room or pit for the elevator, saving space, complexity and cost of installation. These types of elevators are often referred to as “machine rommless” elevators and are energy efficient, and offer several safety features such as a built-in braking system that slows the elevator down if it starts to move too fast.

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