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Providing a Lift When It Matters Most

Residential lifts and elevators provide much more than a lift, they offer choices and opportunities. When mobility becomes a concern, it’s important to know that you have options, and we will work with you to assess your situation and provide the best lift or elevator option for you. If you want to stay in your home without expensive modifications we have a solution to fit your needs, home and budget.

Elevator and Lift Options for Every Situation

When you need a lift, it’s great to know you have options. Accessibility Solutions provides many lift options and we’re confident that we have the right solution for you. If climbing stairs has become a challenge we have a full line of Stair Lifts that offer a quick and economical option. If you have a wheelchair and need to navigate indoor or outdoor stairs, a Wheelchair Lift, also referred to as a Vertical Platform Lift will provide safe and easy access, without a wheelchair ramp. Or maybe you want the convenience and functionality of a full-size elevator to move between multiple floors of your home, in that case you should consider a Residential Elevator. And if you need a smaller lift to move groceries or heavy items to other floors in your house then a Residential Dumbwaiter is the perfect option. So whatever your need we have an elevator or lift for any requirement.

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bruno stair lift for straight stairs

Stair lifts for the Home

Don’t Let Stairs Get In Your Way

If the staircase in your house has become a problem, then a stairway lift is an economical way to regain the full use of your home. If you have mobility concerns or trouble walking, a stair lift elevator will allow you to access all floors of your multi level home by eliminating the challenge of walking up and down stairs. A stair lift will help you stay independent and remain in the home you are comfortable in.

Access wheelchair lift for residential and commercial use

Wheelchair Lifts for The Home

If you need to get a wheelchair in and out of your house or move between multiple levels in your home, then a Wheelchair Lift is a great option. Wheelchair lifts also know as Vertical Platform Lifts are simple elevators with a platform that can be installed indoors or outdoors. A wheelchair elevator will provide easy access to your home for wheelchair users. Safe, easy to use and reliable, these vertical platform lifts offer easy access without ramps.

Wheelchair Lift Applications;

  • Porches or Decks
  • Split Level Homes
  • Indoors & Outdoors
  • Heavy-Duty Use
Handicap elevator for home and businesses

Elevators for Home

A home elevator is an elegant and convenient way to move people and items between multiple floors in your home. We sell, install and service limited use / limited capacity residential elevators often referred to as LULA Elevators. Often these elevators can be installed in a closet or existing space without complex modifications and disruption. Available in a variety of configurations, styles and finishes, a residential elevator is the ultimate lift to accommodate all accessibility needs while adding value to your home.

residential dumbwaiters for your home

Dumbwaiters for Home

Are you tired of carrying groceries, laundry or heavy items up and down stairs? A dumbwaiter will safely and easily move items between the floors in your home. A dumbwaiter is basically a small freight elevator built into the wall of your home. Dumbwaiters are available in many sizes and configurations and can be installed in an existing home or planned into new home construction.