Accessibility Solutions Stairlift Rentals

Years of experience have taught us not every accessibility solution is permanent. Our popular stairlift rental program offers flexible short and long term solutions. Renting a stairlift from Accessibility Solutions is a budget-friendly and affordable option. If you or your loved one only needs a stairlift temporarily, renting may be a good solution for you.

Is a Stairlift Rental Right for You?

  • Home Stairlifts
  • Temporary Use
  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible Rental Plans
  • Easy and Hassle Free

Lower Costs

Stairlift rentals have lower upfront costs

Low Maintenance

Rentals require little maintenance

Professional Installation

Our team does all the work for you

Option to Buy

Like we said above, our rentals are flexible

Stairlift Rentals – Affordable and Budget-Friendly

This is how our stairlift rentals work. We begin with an initial cost that covers your down payment, installation, and first month rent. These costs start at around $880, which is far less than purchasing a stairlift. Your first three months of rent are $80. Months four through six are $70, and then the rate for the remainder of your lease is $60. If you are considering renting a stairlift, please fill out our Free Estimate form or call us at (855) 601-2173.

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