What is a LU/LA? An Overview Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators

A quick guide to LU/LA elevators

LU/LA is the abbreviation for a small commercial elevator and stands for Limited Use/Limited Application elevator and is meant to be used in a low-rise building with limited occupancy. LULA elevators can also be used in private homes. In many ways, a LULA elevator looks and operates the same as a full-size commercial elevator but is designed for applications where the expense and complexity of a full-size elevator are unnecessary, such as a church, schools, libraries, or smaller commercial buildings. These elevators are also fully ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

What are the advantages of a LU/LA elevator over a full-size traditional commercial elevator?

LULA’s Are Lower Costs to Install, Operate and Maintain


The LU/LA elevator is less expensive than a traditional commercial elevator. A Limited Use / Limited Application elevator requires ½ the space of a full-size elevator, the pit depth needed is just 14 inches and 102-134 inches of overhead depending on whether you are installing in an existing building or a new building. Considerable savings are also in building the hoistway. A LULA elevator hoistway can use standard construction materials and techniques such as wood framing as opposed to a full-size commercial elevator which requires an expensive concrete hoistway.

Operation and Maintenance

LU/LA elevators are also less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional elevators reducing the cost of ownership. LULAs use less energy, they also require considerably less maintenance. Traditional elevators require monthly maintenance while a LULA requires maintenance only two times a year. Most LULAs also use LED lighting which helps reduce energy consumption.

Features and Specifications

As the name suggests, a LULA has some limitations and is designed to meet the needs of smaller buildings that don’t require a full-size commercial elevator. The vertical travel is 25 feet maximum with up to 6 stops, speeds of up to 30 feet per minute, and a carrying capacity of 1,400 pounds. The maximum floor space is 18 square feet with size options of 48 X 54 inches, 42 X 60 inches and 51 x 51 inches are more compact than a conventional elevator installation. A LULA also requires only 14 inches of pit depth and 102-134 inches of overhead. It also requires less mechanical room space because of its limited use design.

LULA Elevator Features include:

  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Fully Automatic
  • Emergency Call Button for Emergency
  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Meets LU/LA elevator codes
  • Automatic On/Off Lighting
  • Safety Brake
  • Optional Cab Finishes
  • Powered Emergency Lowering
  • Overspeed Governor

LU/LU Elevator vs. a Wheelchair Lift

A LU/LA elevator is more like a traditional elevator in style and function than a vertical wheelchair lift. They are also able to lift more weight at 1,400 pounds as compared to the vertical wheelchair lift of 750 pounds. The LU/LA also can travel further than a wheelchair lift, going 25 feet with 6 stops compared to the wheelchair lift at up to 12 feet with 2 stops. 

Accessibility Solutions has installed thousands of elevators and lifts for both commercial and residential customers.  Call our team to see what type of elevator or lift is the best solution for your situation. To learn more about our services for LULA elevators click here. We sell, install, service and maintain Savaria and Inclinator LULA elevators.

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