Wheelchair Lift Purchasing Guide

Wheelchair users experience difficulty with home accessibility. A wheelchair lift will solve that problem. A lift is great because you can stay in your home while having full access to different stories. Buying and installing a lift is a big investment. That’s why you need to understand your lift and the installation process. This helpful guide asks questions and gives answers to questions you might have during the project. After reading this you will feel good about your lift project and be a step closer to full access!

What is a Wheelchair Lift

A wheelchair lift is a motorized platform that lifts a wheelchair user to different building levels. The user controls the lift and uses it independently. Lifting heights vary from a few feet to an entire story. In addition, wheelchair lifts are used both at home or in a commercial building. These lifts are ADA compliant, so they are beneficial in a church or school.

Choosing a Location for a Wheelchair Lift

Where do you need a wheelchair lift? Look at the installation site. Measure the area and height of the site. In addition, you need to look at special features if the lift is going in a commercial building or outside. A lift should be centrally placed and easily accessed. The lift power source and mechanical parts need extra space too. Also, some wheelchair lifts have folding ramps and gates that require extra space. A regular lift moves up to 750 lbs.

Specify if you need more lift capacity when you are planning your project. A standard capacity wheelchair lift will work in a home. Lifts installed in public buildings, such as a school or church, may need additional capacity.  All people should have access to your space, so determining this is important. You might not be the only person using the stairs in your home. If others use your stairs, make sure your stair lift includes a folding seat feature. Otherwise, nobody will be able to walk upstairs.


Lift pricing varies depending on the project. Configuration, special features, height, and capacity all impact cost. Don’t plan for only the purchasing price of the lift. Additional costs may include renovations, labor, and permitting and license fees. Contact Accessibility Solutions for a free project estimate. That way, you are fully prepared to take on your lift project.

Building Permits and Licensing

You might need a permit from your local government. Always check with your local government about permits and licenses required for work sites. In addition, lifts in public buildings are regularly inspected and need a permit for operation. Take time to get informed about laws and regulations when it comes to your lift.

Accessibility Solutions is here to walk you through your entire project. We provide a free site survey to evaluate and estimate your project. We obtain any permits and then get to work installing the lift. Finally, we test your new lift to make sure it works properly. We are always here if when you need us after the sale and installation.