Accessibility Solutions provides installation, maintenance and repair for both residential and commercial grade, heavy duty dumbwaiter lifts. A dumbwaiter is a small, powered lift that carries heavy objects and packages between different levels of a building. Home and commercial dumbwaiter lifts are useful for carrying many heavy items and provide a multitude of benefits from convenience to injury prevention. Dumbwaiters are perfect for individuals who are injured, physically disabled or elderly and cannot lift heavy items on their own.

Stop carrying heavy or bulky items up and down stairs.

Carrying heavy items can pose a direct threat to your safety and well being. Common injuries include back strain and muscle pain. A dumbwaiter elevator will do the heavy lifting for you. Dumbwaiter lifts are also useful in a business environment by minimizing the risk of employee injury. A Worker’s Compensation claim is more expensive than a dumbwaiter. Why put your business or employees at risk? With a dumbwaiter kit installed by Accessibility Solutions, you don’t have to.