Curved Stair Lift Options

Do you have a curved stairway or one with landings? If so, one of our curved stair lifts is for you. These lifts are custom built and designed for non-straight stairs. As a result, curved stairlifts cost more, but come with many great features. A chair runs on a rail mounted next to your stairs. Since no renovations are needed, a stair lift is a fast, easy way to regain home access.

These premium stair lifts work well in commercial applications. They are a convenient way to achieve ADA compliance. Many schools, churches, and office buildings have curved stairs and landings. A curved stair lift is a cost-effective option, as opposed to an elevator. This is especially true if you have limited space to work with.

If you need a stair lift that curves for your home, school, or house of worship, contact us. Fill out a free estimate and select the right lift for you. After that, our expert technicians will install your unit.

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