How to Select a Stair Chair Lift for Your Home in 2023


Woman riding a stair lift in her home.

Stair lifts provide a safe way to travel between the floors in your home.

Stairlifts might be a new concept for you. Drawing from our extensive experience in installing stairlifts and addressing customer inquiries, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions. This compilation aims to assist you in comprehending the process of selecting a suitable stairlift for your home or business, updated for the year 2023. Should you have your own inquiries, we are more than delighted to engage in discussions about our products and services, ensuring you have all the requisite information.

Understanding Stair Chair Lifts: What They Are and How They Operate

A stair lift, often referred to as a stair chair, is a specialized type of elevator or lift designed to transport an individual between different levels within a residence or commercial space. This is achieved by comfortably sitting in a chair attached to the lift. The stair chair lift travels along a track affixed to your staircase and is propelled by an electric motor. Most contemporary stair lifts are powered by a constantly charged battery, enabling continued operation even during power outages.

A stair lift is designed to carry a single individual at a time and is not intended for transporting or lifting other objects. These lifts are particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility who are not reliant on a wheelchair, as the ability to get in and out of the stair chair is necessary. The majority of modern stairlifts offer a dependable, smooth, and quiet ride, ensuring years of low-maintenance use.

Selecting the Appropriate Stair Chair Lift Type

Stair lifts are available in two fundamental configurations: straight and curved. The choice between these types depends on the design of your staircase and whether you require a stair lift for indoor or outdoor use.

Illustration of a straight stairlift
How a stair lift works with stairs that have a landing

Straight Stair Chair Lifts

These are designed for staircases without any turns or curves. It’s possible to install two straight units if there’s a landing between floor levels. If your stairs are straight, this type of stairlift is a cost-effective solution for assisting you in navigating your home’s stairs. It’s an ideal choice for multi-story homes with straightforward staircases.

Curved Stair Chair Lifts

Designed for staircases that change direction or curve at a landing, our curved stairlifts are custom-designed to seamlessly fit your specific staircase. Our stair lift technicians will visit your location to measure and assess the exact type of stairlift needed. Due to the tailored design and fabrication required to fit your unique stairs, curved stairlifts may come with a higher cost than standard models.

Outdoor Stair Chair Lifts

Ideal for stairs leading into buildings or exterior staircases on hills, outdoor stairlifts are built to withstand outdoor conditions and weather. They function similarly to indoor stair lifts but come equipped with high-quality, weatherproof components to withstand rain and snow. These lifts are suitable for both straight and curved staircases or those with landings.

Ease of Installation and Usage

Modern stair chair lifts, whether straight or curved, require no modifications to your home’s architecture. They attach securely to the stair treads, and our certified technicians handle the installation process. Installation is swift and doesn’t necessitate any renovations or alterations to your staircase. For straight stairlifts, installation typically takes only one day. Our lift experts utilize specialized survey equipment provided by the manufacturer to ensure precise specifications and fit. If you have curved stairs, landings, or a unique staircase design, we can provide custom-fit solutions.

Shared Use of Stairs, Pricing, and Other Considerations

Our stair chair lifts are designed to fold up after use, creating additional space on the staircase. This ensures that others can comfortably use the stairs without obstruction.

As for pricing, the cost of stairlifts can vary based on factors like the model, type of staircase (straight or curved), and optional features. Our range includes economy, premium, and heavy-duty models, with prices starting at around $2,600 for new models and potentially going up to $12,000 or more. We also offer reconditioned lifts starting at $2,000. Stairlifts are exempt from sales tax. For more detailed pricing information, feel free to contact us at 315-601-2173 (Syracuse headquarters) or 518-731-6192 (Albany office), fill out our form, or email us at

While Medicare does not cover stairlifts, Long Term Care Policies may offer coverage for their cost.

Stairlifts are indeed tax exempt.

Each stairlift model has a weight capacity, ranging from 300 to 400 lbs. for economy models and up to 600 lbs. for premium and heavy-duty lifts.

Operating a stairlift is straightforward. Users sit in the chair, press the button on the chair arm, and the lift stops. A 90-degree swivel seat is featured on all lifts, requiring the additional step of turning the seat to face forward at the top landing. Battery charging occurs at designated points along the rail, ensuring 24/7 access, even during power outages.

Unfortunately, there is no one set answer to this question. Stairlift prices can vary depending on the model, type of staircase (curved or straight), and options you choose. We offer three types of stairlift models – economy, premium, and heavy-duty. Stairlift prices typically start around $2,600 for a new model but can range up to $12,000+. We also sell reconditioned lifts starting at $2,000. All stairlift units are sales tax exempt. To find out more about stairlift pricing, please call us at 315-601-2173 (Syracuse headquarters)) or 518-731-6192 (Albany office), fill out this form or email us at

The Benefits of Choosing a Local Stair Chair Lift Dealer

Since 1996, Accessibility Solutions has been providing local service and maintenance to our community. Our commitment to local service allows us to better know and understand our customers, as they are our neighbors. Opting for a local business offers advantages for both customers and staff. Unlike large national companies, we have the capability to provide swift local assistance. Our professionally trained lift technicians promptly address any issues with your lift system, avoiding delays associated with waiting for parts.