Stairlift or Stair Chair? What’s in a name?

No matter what you call it, a Stairlift will enhance your life.

Stair lifts are invaluable mobility aids that provide individuals with limited mobility the freedom to navigate their homes effortlessly and independently. While they are commonly referred to as stair lifts, you may come across various names used to describe these essential devices. In this blog post, we will explore the different names used for stair lifts, shedding light on their diverse terminology and helping you better understand this remarkable mobility solution.

Stair Lifts:

Let’s start with the most widely recognized and commonly used term: stair lifts. This name aptly describes the primary function of these devices, as they are designed to assist individuals in safely ascending and descending staircases. Stair lifts typically consist of a chair or a platform that moves along a rail affixed to the staircase, allowing users to glide smoothly up and down the steps.

Chair Lifts:

Another common name used for stair lifts is chair lifts. This term emphasizes the fact that most stair lifts are equipped with a comfortable chair for users to sit on during their journey. Chair lifts are popular among individuals who require a seated position while traveling up and down stairs, providing a secure and ergonomic seating arrangement throughout the ride.

Stair Gliders:

The term “stair gliders” is often used to describe stair lifts, highlighting the smooth and effortless movement they provide. This name emphasizes the seamless gliding motion of the chair or platform along the rail, mimicking the sensation of gliding on air. Stair gliders embody the graceful and fluid nature of stair lifts, making the name both descriptive and evocative.

Stairway Lifts:

Stairway lifts is another commonly used name that highlights the purpose and location of these devices. The term emphasizes that stair lifts are specifically designed for stairways, enabling individuals with limited mobility to traverse these vertical spaces safely and comfortably. Stairway lifts can accommodate various types of staircases, including straight, curved, and spiral configurations.

Chair Stair Lifts:

Chair stair lifts is a combination of two distinct terms, emphasizing the chair-like seating arrangement provided by these mobility aids. This name is often used to differentiate stair lifts from platform lifts, which are designed to accommodate wheelchairs directly. Chair stair lifts are tailored for individuals who can transfer to a seat, offering them a secure and supportive way to navigate stairs.

Stair Elevators:

Stair elevators is a term often used interchangeably with stair lifts. This name emphasizes the vertical movement provided by these devices, which function similarly to traditional elevators by transporting individuals up and down staircases. Stair elevators enable users to effortlessly access different levels of their homes, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey.

Chair Glides:

Chair glides is a descriptive term highlighting the seamless and gliding motion experienced by users of stair lifts. By using a chair-like seating arrangement, these devices smoothly glide along a rail affixed to the staircase, offering a sense of grace and fluidity. The name chair glides aptly captures the effortless and gentle movement associated with stair lifts.

Stair Climbers:

The term stair climbers refers to the transformative capabilities of stair lifts, enabling individuals to overcome the challenge of staircases. By effortlessly climbing the stairs, these devices empower users to access different levels of their homes. Stair climbers signify the independence and freedom provided by these mobility aids, allowing users to conquer vertical obstacles with ease.

Step Lifts:

Step lifts is a name commonly used for stair lifts that emphasizes their ability to lift individuals from one step to another. These devices are designed to bridge the gap between steps, providing a smooth and secure transition. Step lifts ensure that users can navigate stairs comfortably and safely, eliminating the barriers posed by staircases.

Glide Chairs:

Glide chairs is a term that emphasizes the seamless and gliding movement experienced during the use of stair lifts. By combining the concepts of a gliding motion and a comfortable chair, glide chairs encapsulate the essence of stair lifts. The name evokes a sense of ease and tranquility, emphasizing the smooth and gentle ride provided by these mobility aids.

Stair Assists:

Stair assists is a broad term used to describe devices that aid individuals in navigating stairs. This encompasses various solutions, including stair lifts. The name stair assists highlights the supportive nature of these devices, emphasizing their role in facilitating safe and independent movement on staircases.

Stairway Glides:

Stairway glides is a descriptive term that accentuates the effortless and seamless movement experienced when using a stair lift. The name evokes a sense of fluidity and grace as users traverse staircases, providing a visually appealing and evocative way to describe these mobility aids.

Step Climbers:

Step climbers, similar to stair climbers, emphasizes the capability of stair lifts to overcome the challenges posed by staircases. By climbing each step, these devices enable users to conquer vertical barriers, facilitating easy access to different levels of their homes. The term step climbers signifies the empowerment and freedom that stair lifts provide.

Chair Ascenders:

Chair ascenders is a name that emphasizes the upward movement of the devices, enabling users to ascend staircases effortlessly. By using a chair-like seating arrangement, these mobility aids elevate individuals to higher levels, ensuring convenient and secure transportation along the stairs. Chair ascenders signify the positive and uplifting experience offered by stair lifts.


Stair lifts, known by various names such as stair lifts, chair lifts, stair gliders, stairway lifts, and chair stair lifts, serve as essential mobility aids for individuals with limited mobility. Regardless of the terminology used, these devices provide a safe and convenient solution for navigating stairs, enabling users to access different levels of their homes with ease and independence. Understanding the diverse names associated with stair lifts allows individuals to communicate effectively, explore their options, and choose the right mobility solution to suit their specific needs.

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