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Premium Stairlifts

Quality. Comfort. Style.

Premium stairlifts are luxury units. These high-end stairlifts have many custom features and come with a power swivel seat and extra cushioning. Premium stairlifts are a safe and reliable option that will give you the best experience.

Our team offers service packages so your lift can work properly for many years. Never worry about at-home mobility again with a premium stairlift.

Bruno Elite Stairlift

Bruno Elite SRE 2010

The Bruno Elite SRE 2010 will give you unlimited access to your home. Due to its solid design, the SRE 2010 is smooth and quiet, so you won’t disturb others at home.

Bruno’s lifts are of high quality and American made. The Elite SRE 2010 is reliable and easy to use. It also comes with options like a power swivel seat and folding footrest. These lifts also have custom design features. Mix style, reliability, and comfort with the Bruno Elite SRE 2010.

Benefits and Features
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • The seat has a retractable seatbelt and swivels at the top for safe exit
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Two 12v batteries ensure continuous service during power outages
  • Foldable seat, footrest, and arms give open stairway space for others
  • Sensors detect stair obstacles
Handicare 1000xxl stairlift

Handicare 1000

The Handicare 1000 is quality and reliability at its best. The lift has the unique ability to fold itself and park on a charge point after use. It also comes with an optional powered footplate and swivel seat. Charge strips on the rail allow you to charge your stairlift anywhere on the stairs. A Handicare 1000 has advanced safety features such as object sensors to prevent accidents during use. The optional powered hinge track automatically raises or lowers itself, so the user doesn’t have to. This model comes with a key switch and prevents others from using it without permission.

Benefits and Features
  • Weight capacity ranges up to 350lbs or 440lbs with XXL heavy-duty kit
  • Seat, footrest, and armrests fold up to 15″ giving space for other staircase users
  • Safety sensors immediately stop the lift if there are any obstacles in its path
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Manually operated  swivel seat ensures safety on and off the lift
  • Key switch protects against unauthorized use
  • Easy cleaning of vinyl seat
  • Large, carpeted footrest for greater traction
  • Battery back-up in the event of a power outage
    Harmar Heavy Duty Stairlift

    Harmar Pinnacle SL600

    The Harmar SL600 is a luxury stairlift at a great price. It is the slimmest and lightest weight lift on the market. This unit only takes up 10.5 inches of stairway width. The Pinnacle has a 350 lb capacity and a wide seat. Advanced safety sensors prevent the lift from moving if there are track obstructions. Other safety features include a swivel seat for easy access to and from the stair chair. Harmar’s helical worm gear drive system is energy efficient. It also allows for up to 60 rides during a power outage.

    Benefits and Features
    • Weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.
    •  Folds as narrow as 10.5” when footrest and seat are folded
    •  Low maintenance and easy to clean
    • Swivel seat at upper landing, for an easier and safer entry and exit to the lift
    • Operable in a power outage – up to 60 trips!
    • Comfortable upholstered seat with full-sized backrest and standard retractable seat belt
    • Safety sensors in the footrest and chassis will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction
    • Options/Accessories: Key lock to protect from unauthorized use