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If you are a wheelchair user, we have the perfect solution for easier mobility and safe access. A home wheelchair lift will allow you to safely enter and exit your home, or move between levels in your house. This lift, also known as a vertical platform lift (VPL), has a non-skid platform that lifts a wheelchair or mobility scooter from one level to another. Since a residential wheelchair lift safely moves a person between short distances, it is a great avenue for navigating small stairways, porches, or decks. This dependable electric unit is quiet, easy to use, and can rise up to 14 ft with a lifting capacity of 750 lbs. A wheelchair lift is technically an open elevator for the home.

We sell and install top-notch wheelchair lifts from leading lift companies, including Savaria, Harmar, and Bruno.

The following is a list of the specific wheelchair lifts that we carry:

  • Savaria Multilift –  designed for low-rise indoor or outdoor use. There are several models to choose from, including a mobile unit, an enclosed unit, and a stainless steel-clad unit. This lift comes with standard safety features, key access, and automatic access ramps. The Multilift has a 36-month parts warranty. Keeping in mind Upstate New York’s four distinct seasons, the Savaria Multilift is constructed to withstand weather extremes.
  • Harmar RPL – The Harmar RPL is one of Harmar’s top-rated wheelchair lifts. Harmar prides itself on selling lifts designed for affordability and reliability. The RPL is priced fairly against shorter units and has a standard lifting height between 4 to 6 feet. This wheelchair lift is available as both an indoor and outdoor model.
  • Bruno VPL 3100 and VPL 3200 – Accessibility Solutions, Inc. is an authorized Bruno dealer. A Bruno lift gives wheelchair users easy access to their homes. This lift has a smooth, quiet ride, a 14-foot lifting height, and many safety features. The Bruno VPLs are a great residential accessibility solution Features include an automatic folding ramp, weatherproofing, and DC battery power if an outage should occur.

 Why a Wheelchair Lift is better than a ramp – A wheelchair lift requires considerably less space than a ramp. For example, a 36″ high porch would need 36 feet of ramp. Also, it is important to keep in mind that a ramp may require several months of extra maintenance to keep it free from dangerous ice or snow buildup.

Effortless mobility + Safe navigation despite obstacles + Comfort and Safety all great reasons to contact us today about installing a home wheelchair lift for yourself or a loved one.


Stairlift in the Home

Home Stairlifts 

A Stairlift (Chairlift) from Accessibility Solutions can be a life-changing addition to you or a loved one’s home since it will enable anyone with mobility problems to have full, safe access to different levels of a house. Today, considering the stress and high cost of moving, many people are deciding to remain in their current homes. However, as people age or experience an unexpected injury or surgery, stairs can quickly become an obstacle. A practical solution would be the installation of a chairlift. In this blog, we will address several of the most common inquiries that we receive about stairlifts.

What type of stairlift should I buy?  Not all stairlifts are alike, just as all staircases are not alike. First, you should look at your stairway design. Is it a simple straight staircase or does it include a landing or a rail that curves?  After you determine the type of stairlift best for your home, it’s time to look at the different lifts based on style and cost. We sell straight stairlifts from Bruno, Harmar, and Handicare. Our lifts can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Straight Stairlifts –  Are designed for stairways without landings or turns. These lifts are very popular in homes due to their affordability, quick installation, and reliability. Their simple design can fit most stairway widths or lengths. Straight stairlifts are battery-powered units that recharge automatically at designated places along the stair rail. Straight stairlifts are available in three categories: Economy, Premium, or Heavy-Duty

Curved Stairlifts – These premium stairlifts are designed for staircases that curve or change directions at a landing. Curved stairlifts are custom-designed, and as a result, cost more than a standard stair chair. However, a curved stairlift is an affordable alternative to installing an elevator or relocating to a one-level home.

Outdoor Stairlifts – A stairlift will improve safe access to the outdoor spaces we enjoy such as patios, yards requiring access by stairs, porches with steps or decks. These lifts can be built for any stair configuration, and have high-quality, weatherproof components. An added bonus is that outdoor lifts don’t require excavations or new construction.

So you’ve decided on the necessity of a stairlift to ensure safety using your home’s stairway. If you are purchasing a stairlift due to age or a disability, then a permanent lift is an excellent option. However, there are times when you may only need a stairlift for a shorter period of time. or you prefer affordable monthly payments instead of paying for a stair chair all at once – there are many situations.No worries! Accessibility Solutions offers affordable stairlift rentals for short-term use. Stairlift rentals are our most affordable mobility solution. After installation, you only pay a monthly rental fee. When you no longer need the stairlift, our technicians will uninstall it from your home. Here is our rental cost breakdown:

  • The initial cost starts at $880, covering down payment, installation, and 1st month’s rent.
  • $80 rental cost for months 1 – 3
  • $70 rental cost for months 4 – 6
  • The monthly rate for the remainder of the lease is $60

Cost – The cost of a new stairlift is $2600 up to +$12,000. For the budget-minded, we also sell reconditioned lifts starting at $2000. Stair chairs are tax-exempt. Installation of a stairlift is quick and requires no modifications to your home.

Our team of experienced lift professionals will always take the time to understand your needs and then deliver your best stairlift solution at the best price possible. If you are ready for a stairlift, fill out our free estimate form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you live in Central New York, Rochester, the Mohawk Valley, or the Southern Tier you can also contact us at 855-601-2173. For the convenience of our clients who live in the Capital Region or Hudson Area, we have a satellite office outside of Albany. That number is 518-731-6192. We look forward to making your home safer, enabling you to remain in place for as long as you want.